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Yes, but Predatar takes DR testing to the next level. While most organisations do just a few DR tests each year, and each time tests just a very small percentage of its data – Predatar can run recovery tests 24/7. Thanks to Predatar’s automation, most Predatar users validate 100% of their business critical workloads at least once a month. In addition to validating their recoverability, Predatar also interrogates them for hidden malware at the same time.

Sure, you’ve already got EDR/XDR tools protecting your network. But they are not infallible, particularly when it comes to zero day attacks. Malware that slips through your perimeter defences can compromise your backups, rendering them useless – or lead to re-infection of production systems following a cyber incident. Approximately 75% of Predatar customers find malware in their storage repositories that front-end security tools have missed within 90 days of deploying Predatar.

Predatar is a cloud-based platform leveraging the power of the cloud to run the compute-intensive AI and machine learning operations that find the hidden threat signals in your storage environment faster, and more effectively than traditional anomaly detection.

But don’t worry, it’s only storage metadata that is shared with the Predatar Cloud. All of your data will remain within your storage environment (even if that’s on prem).

A Predatar Cleanroom is a recovery environment where Predatar performs automated recovery testing and deep malware scanning. A CleanRoom is essential for achieving Recovery Assurance with Predatar. You can quickly deploy your own Cleanroom onto existing hardware using an OVA file, build a CleanRoom in the Cloud using the Predatar blueprints, or purchase a pre-built Predatar appliance from Avnet Integrate.

Much like your storage software, Predatar is priced on capacity. The price you pay, is based on the volume of data you want to protect with Predatar. The greater the volume, the better the price. Contact your storage reseller, service provider, or the Predatar team for an estimate.

Many Predatar customers test-drive Predatar by deploying it across a small sub-set of their overall storage environment, and then increase their licence volume to protect more of their data once they’ve seen the value. Because Predatar licencing is a SaaS model, it’s easy to scale up and down as required.