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R16 | Orca

R16 Orca is coming. With a significant evolution of the AI at the heart of Predatar, our most intelligent release yet delivers unprecedented levels of data resilience for any business.

Early Access Program starts 15.07.24


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Meet Aurora AI

Our new AI has a name… Say hello to Aurora, the world’s first AIOps assistant for Recovery Assurance. In a world of growing IT complexity, increasing cyber threats, and a shortage of technical resources – Aurora brings a whole new level of productivity to IT and Security Teams – helping them to boost resiliency, meet regulations and achieve recovery confidence.

Enhanced Threat Detection & Response

Aurora includes new Machine Learning models to dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of Predatar’s threat hunting capabilities. Not only does this mean fewer distractions from false-alarms for busy IT and Security teams, but this enhancement has supercharged Predatar’s automated recovery testing and malware scanning too. By better understanding the risk level associated with every potential threat, Predatar can prioritise which systems to validate – eliminating recovery risks faster.

Smarter reporting & intelligent insights

R16: Orca brings a new level of intelligence to data protection observability and governance. Thanks to Aurora, IT and Security teams can get the information they need in real-time – including unique insights into recovery confidence.

What’s more Aurora provides users with practical, actionable advice to help them to get resilient and stay resilient.

Knowledge and advice at your fingertips

Not only is Aurora trained extensively on Predatar metadata, documentation and industry best-practice analysis, but she also has Natural Language Processing (NLP) baked in. This means Predatar users can get tips and advice for boosting their resilience, in easy-to-understand language. 

Stay tuned for the release of the Aurora chat feature coming later this summer, which will allow users to ask questions about their recovery status, trouble-shooting, or best-practices – and get instant answers.

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