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26 October 2023

Your Voice, Our Blueprint: Unveiling Predatar R13.1

By Rick Norgate, Predatar Managing Director.

At Predatar, we understand that the heart of any product lies in solving real-world challenges for our customers. This belief steers our innovation roadmap, and it is your invaluable input that fuels our journey toward creating the most effective and cutting-edge solutions in cyber resilience. Today, we’re excited to unveil Predatar R13.1—an update that’s been shaped by listening closely to your needs and challenges. From deep malware scanning of legacy workloads to enhanced M365 alerting and the introduction of the PlayPen sandbox environment, every feature in R13.1 is a direct response to the needs you’ve expressed. Read on to discover how R13.1 empowers your organization to achieve unparalleled recovery assurance.


Deep Malware Scanning for Legacy Workloads with Predatar TimeMachine

Legacy systems can be the Achilles’ heel in your cybersecurity resilience plan, often escaping rigorous testing due to incompatibility issues. Predatar TimeMachine eliminates this gap by enabling effortless scans of virtual machines running on legacy operating systems or outdated EDR tools. These machines are moved seamlessly into our CleanRoom, where they undergo full recovery testing. Predatar then powers down the virtual machine and mounts all data for an offline scan, ensuring:

  • Compatibility with Legacy Systems: Our approach ensures that you don’t have to leave older systems out of your resilience testing.
  • Conflict Resolution: Avoid clashes with older Antivirus tools that could otherwise compromise your testing process.
  • Enhanced Linux Support: Broaden your resilience testing by incorporating Linux machines into your recovery assurance plan.


Swift M365 Alerting for Instant Notifications

Alerting is often the first line of defence in a resilient cybersecurity architecture. The R13.1 update integrates with M365 to send real-time alerts for a variety of triggers such as failed recovery tests and malware detections. Immediate notifications are sent to your IT and SecOps teams, providing crucial advantages:

  • Faster Response Times: The quicker your team is alerted, the faster they can act to mitigate risks.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity Resilience: Keep tabs on recoverability or data cleanliness issues as they happen, rather than discovering them after the fact.


Unleash Your Creativity with PlayPen

Innovation shouldn’t have to be a risky endeavour. R13.1 introduces PlayPen, a sandbox environment that lets you test new features and functions without affecting your live setup. Simply transition your live environment into PlayPen mode to perform:

  • End-user Training: Use PlayPen as a safe training ground for your team.
  • Cutting-Edge Experimentation: Try out new configurations and recovery methods safely.
  • Rigorous Testing: Validate new features or disaster recovery plans before making them live, ensuring robust resilience.

PlayPen makes experimentation and testing as simple as a click, allowing you to revert to your live environment without saving changes once your experimentation is complete.



With the launch of R13.1, Predatar not only addresses some of the most critical challenges in data resilience but also opens the door to limitless possibilities. It’s not just an update; it’s a leap toward a future where recovery assurance is more robust, agile, and innovative than ever. Take the first step into this future by exploring Predatar R13.1.

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